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17 May 2015

#1 Best Selling Retractable Fabric Awnings

Sunsetter Awnings are Long Lasting and Affordable

Spring is here and that means summer is right around the corner. Hot rays from summer sun can damage rugs, drapes and even make it harder to keep your home cool, driving up utility bills. An deck or patio awning can keep your home up to 20 degrees cooler and your home's interior will be protected from harmful rays. Trim A Seal of Indiana has a large collection of patio covers and outdoor aluminum, fabric and retractable awnings, ideal for protecting doors and windows from the elements. We also carry a wide assortment of Sunsetter Awnings – the #1 best selling retractable awning in America. Retractable awnings are attractive additions to your home that protect the patio or outdoor lounge areas from the harmful sun.

No matter what style, type or color awning you’re looking for, we have a wide selection of high-quality retractable/motorized awnings, window and fabric awnings that will protect your family from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our outdoor awnings give your home a custom look, while delivering uncompromising quality at an affordable price. Awnings are functional and long lasting.

Call a Trim A Seal awning installation specialist today at 800-217-6355 for a free estimate. We service Porter and Lake County Indiana, Merrillville, Gary, Crown Point, Hammond, Valparaiso, Munster, Highland, Griffith, St. John, Portage, Chesterton, Hobart, Schererville, East Chicago and New Chicago.

07 April 2015

Benefits of Patio Awnings for Your Home

Sunsetter Fabric Awnings Reduce Heat Loss

Summer is on its way and now’s a good time to consider an outdoor patio shade products, like a retractable fabric awning to keep your home out of the sun’s harmful rays and reduce fading to carpets and upholstery. Awnings reduce the amount of sun penetrating your windows, and can actually help to reduce energy costs! In fact, a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers concluded that an awning reduces heat gain by 55-65% during the warmest part of the day.

Island Brown with HoodAwnings and patio covers not only save money for home owners but they can also be good for the environment.  How you may ask?  Because using an awning contributes to a reduction in a household’s demand for energy which then directly reduces the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions due to excessive energy use.

The benefits of Sunstter awnings go on and on!  Awnings can also be helpful in the winter as well!  The ability to retract the awnings in the winter (as opposed to fixed roof structures) allows the warmth of the sun to penetrate back through your windows and glass doors, helping to heat the house and once again reduce heating costs and energy usage.

Whatever the weather, you can’t go wrong investing in a retractable awning or patio cover.  Contact the awning installation experts at Trim-A-Seal today! For more information call 1-800-217-6355.

07 April 2015

Spring is a Great time to Install a Gutter Protection System

Posted in Gutter Protection System, Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet Keeps Leaves out of Gutters Guaranteed



Gutter Helmet Hi ResThinking of installing a Gutter Helmet gutter protection system on your home but wondering what the cost is? This is a great time to do it. Spring is here and this is the season when most home owners experience water damage and problems due to gutter clogged with leaves and debris. Check with your local Gutter Helmet installers at Trim A Seal in Merrillville and ask about spring discounts and installation incentives.

So how much does it a full home gutter protection system cost? The cost of a Gutter Helmet gutter guard system is affected by a number of factors. Every installation comes with an inspection of your existing system, a gutter cleaning, sealing, adjusting the pitch and installing additional hangers if needed. There are a number of other things that can also affect price including how many stories your home is, the square footage, local zoning and permitting policies, whether any special equipment is needed to perform the job, as well as the condition of the roof and fascia.

The best way to determine the cost of a custom gutter guard system to protect your home from water damage and clogged gutters, is to obtain a free, no hassle, in home estimate by one of our installation experts.  Call today at 800-217-6355 and ask about this month’s special offers and discount pricing. We proudly serve all of North Western Indiana and Northeast Illinois. We look forward to your call. Don't forget to ask about our Lifetime Warranty.



28 February 2015

Vinyl Replacement Windows May Reduce Heat Loss by 50%

Posted in Energy Efficient Windows, Sunrise Vinyl Windows, Window Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Window Installation

Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills

Adding vinyl storm windows may cut heat loss from old drafty windows by 50% depending on the window's thermal efficiency. Replacing them with an insulated window brand can produce even better results.  Insulated glass with a low U-value is warmer and improves comfort near windows. One of the best brands of insulated windows is Sunrise, with their warm-edge Insulated Glass Technology and Ultra-U+Plus™ Insulated Glass.

No matter what brand you choose,custom-measured replacement windows can improve your overall look of your home and can also help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Benefits of Trim A Seal Replacement Windows:

·          Measured and manufactured to fit your home

·          Energy Star® qualified brands of with tilt in styles for easy cleaning

·          A wide choice of popular window frames, colors and grid patterns

Reduce carpet and fabric fading up to 75% more than regular windows

Call today for a free estimate 800-217-6355. We are Northwest Indiana’s leading window contractor. 



29 January 2015

Benefits of Gutter Helmet

Posted in Gutter Protection System, Gutter Helmet

America's #1 Gutter Protection System

Clogged gutters causing water to build up and ice dams to from? Just say NO to gutter troubles once and for all. Once you have the patented Gutter Helmet solid gutter protection system installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again and ice damns will be a thing of the past. So stay off that dangerous ladder and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a Gutter Helmet system for your home. Our lifetime warranty ensures you’ll never need to worry about your gutters for the life of your home.


·    Prevents clogs that may lead to water damage to roofs, siding and fascia

·    Keeps leaves out and prevents clogged gutters; keeps gutters protected to prevent nesting insects and animals

·    Installs over existing gutter system or on fascia

·    All-weather protection keeps gutters debris free and water flowing safety away from your home

·    Patented PermaLife™ Coating resists chalking, fading and build up

·    Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Clogged gutters can cause a host of problems for the average Indiana homeowner, including water damage to your home’s interior and exterior, caused by clogged overflowing gutters. Water exposure over time can cause wood rot and damage to siding, roofing and fascia, not to mention problems with mold and mildew inside and outside your home. Overflowing gutters can also lead to landscape erosion.

Call Trim A Seal today, your authorized Gutter Helmet dealer for Northwest Indiana and South Chicago for a free estimate on a complete gutter protection system for your home. We will thoroughly inspect and clean your gutters before installing your long lasting gutter protection system. Our reinforced brackets actually strengthen and support your existing gutter system to help it withstand the weight of snow and ice in the winter. Just another reason why Gutter Helmet is the one and only, the permanent gutter solution.  Call 800-217-6355 today.

18 January 2015

Winter Proof Your Home with Insulation and Save Money on Heating Bills

Posted in Owens Corning Blown-in Insulation

According to the US Department of Energy, roughly 43% of all the energy we use in our homes is attributed to heating and cooling. So it stands to reason that the better insulated our homes our, the less energy we need when heating and cooling. Proper insulation can help keep heat in during winter months, and cold out during the winter. There are many issues in a home that contribute to poor energy efficiency, such as old or poorly sealed windows and doors. But to get one of the biggest bangs for the buck in energy savings, make sure you properly insulate your home.

Trim A Seal of Indiana home improvement, offers blown in insulation by Owens Corning. We use the AttiCat® installation system which adds tiny air pockets to the fiberglas insulation to help keep it from settling. And since the insulation won’t settle, it retains its energy-saving R-value better over time.

We proudly offer the highest quality energy saving products to make your home comfortable year round, plus help you use less energy, save money, and protect the environment.  Need insulation, new windows or doors installed? Call a Trim A Seal professional today for a free consultation and in home estimate 800-217-6355. 

27 December 2014

Gutter Helmet Can Help Protect Your Home from Snow and Ice

Posted in Gutter Guards, Gutter Helmet, Gutters

Gutter Helmet Helps Prevent Ice Dams

hidden heatCold, freezing weather is upon us and cold combined with rain can cause ice dams on your gutters. Ice dams can be an even bigger concern if gutters aren't cleaned and maintained. If leaves are clogging your downspouts, rain will collect, build up and freeze causing gutters to tear away from roofs which can cause costly damage. Installing Gutter Helmet gutter protection can protect your home’s gutters from winter damage.

Trim A Seal is Northern Indiana's official installer of country's #1 multi-patented gutter guards. They install over your existing gutters to prevent gutters from filling with leaves that can clog downspouts. Gutter Helmet patented gutter protection system also prevents gutters from filling up with heavy snow which can also cause damage to your gutter system. For more information about how Gutter Helmet gutter covers can protect your Northern Indiana home this winter call 800-217-6355 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Trim A Seal serves NE Illinois and Northern Indiana including: Will County, Southern Cook County, Porter County, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Merrillville, Gary, Crown Point, Hammond, Valparaiso, Munster, Mishawaka, Highland, Portage, Griffith, St. John, Portage, Chesterton and Hobart, Schererville, South Chicago, Orland Park and Oak Lawn.

14 November 2014

Helmet Heat Gutter System Melts Snow and Ice

Posted in Gutter Helmet

Gutter De-icing System Protects Your Home

HH  2 AfterWinter means snow and ice and that can spell trouble for gutters if too much ice builds up. Gutters can be weighed down by heavy ice causing them to tear away from your roof. Another  common problem that occurs are ice dams. The Helmet Heat is a heat induction system that goes over your gutter system to melt ice and snow and eliminate winter build up on gutters and the potential of being hit by ice hanging off your roof and gutter system. This product was designed to prevent common damage and snow related hazards.

The Helmet-Heat is comprised of 3 heat cables securely fastened to the gutter and Gutter Helmet. The heat strip evenly distributes heat throughout the gutter system to melt ice. The system will eliminate ice 8-10” inches from the nose of the Gutter Helmet, ensuring that your entire home drainage system will be ice-free. Helmet Heat can be installed onto an existing Gutter Helmet system or on an entirely unprotected home. Call Trim A Seal today for more information. Our patented de-icing system will help keep you and your home safe this winter. 

21 October 2014

Things to Consider When Replacing Your Home's Windows

Posted in Replacement windows, Window Contractor Indiana


Replacement Windows
replacement windows

Got cold drafty windows? With the type of winter we are expecting this year in Northwest Indiana, old windows can make winter seem more harsh and cost you more money. Windows that aren't sealed properly or are old and inefficient can account for 35 to 40 percent of a home's heat loss. With heating bills on the rise, that can translate into big money. 

Installing new replacement windows can be costly, but new windows should lower heating and a/c bills resulting in greater monthly utility savings. When it comes to home improvements, replacing windows should be at the top of the priority list. Window replacements can offer you a high return on investment in both savings heating and a/c bills, but also in the value that they add to your home.

How do you know when it’s time to replace old windows and start shopping for new energy efficient windows?

  • Frost appears on the inside of window panes
  • You feel a cold draft coming in through closed windows
  • Windows don't open and close with ease
  • Windows panes are separating from window or wood is rottting
  • The windows haven't been replaced for 20 years or more
  • Windows are single pane (instead of double)
  • One big reason to consider window replacement is simply the high cost of heating bills.

Two things to consider when shopping for windows: 1) the style of the window is important. It can affect the overall look and value of your home. 2) Choose the right window for your climate. Vinyl replacement windows are a good option for both warm and cold climates because they insulate well.

Call Trim A Seal of Indiana today for a free, in home consultation and estimate. We have a wide variety of top window brands to choose from including Sunrise, HomeGuard, Armaclad and more. Call 800-217-6355 today.

Trim A Seal is a licensed window replacement contractor throughout: Porter and Lake County Indiana, Merrillville, Gary, Crown Point, Hammond, Valparaiso, Munster, Highland, Griffith, St. John, Portage, Chesterton, Hobart, Schererville, East Chicago and New Chicago, Illinois.


11 October 2014

Inspecting Your Gutter System for Damage or Needed Repairs

Posted in Seamless Gutters, Gutter Helmet, Gutters

Licensed and Insured Gutter Repair and Installation Experts in Northwest Indiana



So your gutters and downspouts aren’t flowing freely. That means there’s a problem, but what kind of problems are you having with your gutters and how do you determine that?

When we receive a call from a homeowner who has gutters in need of service, it’s often hard to pinpoint over the phone what the issue or issues are. We often need to see your home in order to tell you what is causing the problem and what the solution is. That’s why we offer free gutter inspections and free estimates. It’s our goal to inspect your rain gutter system and rule out any of the possible below problems so we know how to proceed.

  • How are the gutters attached to the home – by spikes or hangars?
  • Are they seemed or seamless?
  • Are they pitched properly? Do they have leaks?
  • Is there standing water in the gutters?
  • What’s the condition of the roof your gutters are attached to? (is it pulling away or rotten?)
  • Have they been damaged by high winds or storms?
  • Do you currently have gutter screens or some kind system to prevent clogs?
  • When the gutters were last cleaned?
  • Are there any insects or animals nesting in the gutters? What kind?

After we've done our complimentary inspection, if we discover any problems we will give you a free estimate detailing the needed repairs. Our licensed and fully trained gutter repair and replacement technicians are able to install new seamless gutter systems, repair leaks, clean gutters, install new downspouts, fix broken seams, re-install gutters that are torn away from the roof and install Gutter Helmet solid gutter protection covers. Call today and be on your way to carefree gutters this fall. Call 800-217-6355.



11 September 2014

Should You Replace Windows & Doors Before Winter Comes?

Posted in Replacement windows, Entry Doors

New Windows and Doors Can Help Reduce Energy Costs by Keeping Cold Out

Now is a good time to start thinking about saving money on energy costs this winter. Winter has a way of showcasing your home’s little flaws, like old, outdated doors and windows. This winter, let the window and door installation experts at Trim A Seal solve your exterior home improvement problems. Installing new vinyl windows or entry doors can help reduce your energy costs and make your home more beautiful.

New Windows and Doors Add Value

entry4Installing high quality vinyl replacement windows or new steel entry doors can help increase the value of your home. This will allow you to build equity in your home, and have a greater resale value should you decide to move.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Lower Energy bills

Did you know that windows are the main source of heat lost in homes? With new energy efficient windows and doors from Trim-A-Seal, you can become more energy efficient and start saving money off those costly heating and cooling bills.

We install new windows, entry, storm, and sliding doors throughout the Northwest Indiana and South Chicago. Call 800-217-6355 now for a free estimate.

08 September 2014

Weak or Damaged Gutters Can Mean Trouble this Fall

Posted in Seamless Gutters, Gutter Helmet

Protect Your Gutter System with Gutter Helmet

Well, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are getting ready to fall off the trees… the gutters are full and they need to be cleaned. Make sure you clean your gutters and remove leaves, tree debris, clean and clear any clogged downspouts. It’s also a good idea to inspect your gutters for any leaks, loose brackets, gutters tearing away from roof, or other issues that could lead to costly damage and home repairs when the snow hits. The gutter experts at Trim A Seal will inspect your gutter system, clean, repair and rehang gutters or install new seamless gutters. Damaged gutter systems can fail and tear off during heavy winds and rain. Be sure to thoroughly clean and inspect your entire gutter system for leaks or damage that may affect its ability to drain water away from your home.

Tired of cleaning gutters every fall? Get Gutter Helmet installed and Never Clean Your Gutters Again! We guarantee it. As an added bonus, when we come to install your Gutter Helmet system, we’ll clean your gutters for free. It’s the last gutter cleaning you’ll ever need.
Gutter Helmet dealers across America can install new gutters, clean and repair gutters and install America’s #1 gutter protection systems. We have been the leaders in rain gutter protection for 30 years. Our trained gutter specialists will come and inspect your gutter system.

In Northern Indiana or South Chicago, call Gutter Helmet pros at Trim A Seal today at 800-217-6355. Call today for a free estimate. You'll be happy you did!

22 August 2014

Why Detecting a Roof Leak Early Can Save You Money

Posted in Roofing Contractor Gary Indiana, Roofing Repair , Roofing Installer

Free Roof Repair Inspections by a 5 Star Roofing Contractor Serving Gary


roof-shingle-color-MesquiteThere are few things as scary to a homeowner as a leaky roof. When that first yellow or grayish water stain appears on the ceiling, you know there's big trouble. That’s when the questions start…how bad is it? Where is the roof leak located? How much will the repair cost? Do I need a new roof installed? The one thing you don’t want to do is ignore a roof leak. Left untreated, water leaks can also cause mold to form which can make your home hazardous…not to mention the water damage to ceilings and walls.

Well, if you ever find yourself in this predicament, rest easy knowing the licensed and insured home improvement experts at Trim A Seal are here to help. We’ll come out and inspect your roof  to see what the cause of the leak is and how extensive the damage is. Once the leak is detected, we’ll recommend a plan of action for fixing the damaged area. 

Whether you’re dealing with a roof repair or a reroof job, we can help put you on your way fixing the problem and give you peace of mind. We are a licensed and insured 5 Star Certified roof contractor serving the Gary/Merrillville area for over 60 years. We’re here when you need us. Just call for a free home evaluation at 800-217-6355.


20 August 2014

Exterior Home Doors Installed Fast & Affordable

Posted in Door Installation Contractor Indiana, Security Doors, Entry Doors

Top Quality Doors by Albany, Home Guard and Armaclad

type-patioNeed a new storm, sliding, security or steel door to spruce up the look of your home’s entry way? Save 15% now during our end of summer door sale! For a limited time, save on all installed doors for your home.

Trim A Seal of Northern Indiana has a great selection of exterior entry doors to suit your home’s style. We install a complete line of entry doors, steel security and storm doors by Home Guard, Albany and Armaclad. And we carry hundreds of different door styles in dozens of colors. Our home remodeling experts can help you pick the right door for your home no matter what your need.

Home Guard doors feature solid construction, tempered safety glass, heavy gage metal door frames and steel hardware to prevent forced entry. A durable powder coat finish is standard on all Home Guard steel security storm doors.

We also feature Albany doors in over 200 different door styles, 25 different paint colors and 12 different stains. Two thirds of all illegal home entries are made through doors. Albany’s Masonite steel edged doors have been proven to be more secure than tradition wood edged doors. Plus Masonite steel doors are energy efficient and can lower your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Call the licensed and insured replacement door installation team at Trim A Seal today for a free in home estimate 800-217-6355. Trim A Seal has been a leader in the home improvement industry for more than 60-years.

18 August 2014

Sunsetter Retractable Fabric Awning End of Summer Sale!

America's #1 Best Selling Motorized Awnings

2If you were thinking of installing a Sunsetter retractable awning this summer and didn't get a chance, now's the time! Call now to receive $200 off installation of any fabric awning. Choose from dozens of beautiful awning colors. Sunsetter's commercial grade reinforced vinyl awning fabric is 100% water repellent, mildew resistant and flame resistant. What better way to enjoy the end of summer than being out in it. Trim-A-Seal's motorized Awning & Patio covers make it even easier than ever to expand your outdoor space and protect your home from sun's harmful rays.

Exceptionally affordable, fabric awnings are custom fit and come in and uncompromising quality-without a custom-made price. Ask about our most popular models, the Sunsetter Motorized Pro model and the non-motorized Sunsetter Vista Awning. Call us today for a free estimate at 800-217-6355 or visit today.

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