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27 December 2013

5 Tips to Help Keep Gutters Clean & Free Flowing

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gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter protection systems

Tips for Keeping Gutters free flowing and prevent clogs:

•           Make sure downspouts are installed so that they extend several feet away from your home to carry water away from the foundation and landscape. This will prevent wet basements and landscape erosion.

•           Remove leaves and twigs from roof tops and valleys so gutters and downspouts stay free from buildup of leaves, twigs and tree debris and drain properly. This will prevent a build up of water, which can damage siding and rooflines and flood basements

•           Keep trees trimmed back and away from roof tops and gutter systems to prevent leaves and tree debris from accumulating on roofs and in gutters

•           Clean gutters regularly and inspect them for leaks to prevent damage

•           Consider purchasing Gutter Helmet solid gutter covers to keep leaves out of gutters. Gutter Helmet is guaranteed for the life of your home, so once you install Gutter Helmet, you never have to clean your gutters again. 

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, gutter repair or Gutter Helmet gutter protection systems – call the gutter experts at Trim A Seal of Indiana today for a free, no hassle estimate. We have been serving the N. Indiana and NE Illinois are for over 50 years. Call 800-217-6355 today.

11 December 2013

2013 Tax Credits on New Replacement Windows, Exterior Doors and Roofs

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energy star logoSeveral tax incentives were extended and changed through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.  There’s never been a better time to make energy efficient improvements to your home.

Save on utility and energy bills this season and reduce heating and cooling costs when you install new windows, doors or replacement roofs.


A few qualifying products include:

•             Windows

•             Doors

•             Insulation

•             Air conditioners

•             Heat pumps

•             Water heaters

•             Roofing

•             Skylights

Need new replacement windows, exterior doors or a new roof installed on your Indiana home? This is your last chance to take advantage of tax credits that have been extended. Install a new roof or new energy efficient windows or doors and receive 10% of the cost of installation or up to $500 in tax credits now through December 31, 2013.

Visit the Energy Star website for information on available tax credits, then call the roofing, window and door contractor you can trust in Northern Indiana. Trim A Seal has been providing the highest quality home improvement products and services for over 50 year. Call today for a free estimate 800-271-6355 or visit www.trimaseal.comtoday. Serving all of Lake, Porter, Will and Southern Cook counties

07 December 2013

Protecting Your Roof from Winter Weather

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Get a Free Roof or Gutter Inspection Today to Prevent Damage

In the Great Lakes regions, roof damage is common during the winter months because of the sheer volume of heavy snow and ice. If your roof is in bad sHH  1 Beforehape, missing shingles, old or storm damaged, the effects can be even worse. When ice and snow remains on your roof, water damage can occur to the roof, walls and ceilings, sometimes even if your roof is in good condition. Heavy snow and ice can also damage gutter systems from the weight and tear gutters away from the roofline. There are a number of proactive measures you can take to prevent this problem.

One cause of water damage is heat that rises to the roof from the home’s interior. The heat causes snow to melt and refreeze repeatedly leading to ice dams. Ice dams form on the roof and gutters when temperatures dip below 32°.  This can result in water backing up under the roof shingles, behind fascia boards or sideways through flashing. This is when water damage can occur inside the home.  Ice in gutters can be tricky to remove without damaging gutter systems. Trying to remove frozen snow and ice from roofs can be equally as dangerous and potentially damaging.

There are a number of ways to reduce these winter risks. One is to have your roof and gutters inspected before winter weather arrives to ensure it is in good condition and can withstand snow and ice. Trim a Seal recommends that you have gutters reinforced with steel brackets to strengthen them and ensure that they can withstand the weight of snow and ice. We also offer a product called Helmet Heat, which installs over Gutter HelmetHH  2 Aftersolid gutter covers. Three heated cables are fastened to the Gutter Helmet to distribute heat which melts snow and ice. The Helmet-heat de-icing controller is designed to activate your Helmet Heat when outside temperatures reach levels that are likely to produce icicles and ice-dams.

Another great way to reduce the damaging effects of melting snow and ice on your roof is to regulate the temperature of the attic space in your home. Owen Corning blown in insulation can block the transfer of heat from your home’s living spaces to the attic and help regulate the temperature of your attic.

Trim A Seal is an authorized Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat installer, a licensed Indiana roofing contractor and a 5 Star Owen’s Corning Insulation contractor. To find out more about properly winterizing your home to prevent heat loss and damage from ice dams, give us a call 800-217-6355 or click here to request a free in home consultation.


07 December 2013

7 Great Reasons You Should Install Sunrise Double Hung Windows

Posted in Energy Efficient Windows, Sunrise Vinyl Windows, Window Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Window Installation

Sunrise Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows



Sunrise sliding double hung windows are the ideal choice for the homeowner who wants to bring extra light and a sense of openness and expansiveness to any interior living space. Sunrise has a signature narrow-line window design offering an extended glass viewing area. The end result is a more open window that allows you to see beyond the limited view of a small or overcrowded room in your home.

Features of Sunrise Double Hung Windows:

1.    Minimal maintenance and easy operation with tilt-in feature, contoured lift-rails and pre-tensioned; dual pulley Block & Tackle balance system

2.    Advanced, triple weather stripping seals for top efficiency performance

3.    Polyurethane window frame insulation provides added comfort and the ultimate in energy efficiency

4.    Coved interior glazing bead for added elegance

5.    Added security with recessed pick resistant locks

6.    Extruded aluminum screen frame with heavy-duty aluminum corner reinforcements for years of worry free performance

7.    Windows are made in the U.S.A

For more information on the benefits of Sunrise energy efficient windows, call the Northwest Indiana’s premiere window installation contractor today for a free in home estimate 800-217-6355. Or click here to read more about our other leading window brands.

05 December 2013

5 Tips for Updating Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Home Improvement Tips for Your Northwest Indiana Home

 SedonaCanyon-shingleThese tips may seem obvious but if your thinking of putting your home on the market or just want your home to have maximum curb appeal – this list is worth reviewing. If you want to increase the value of your home, envision yourself as a buyer pulling up to your home and ask yourself honestly what their first impression would be.  The first thing anyone notices is the exterior of the house.

Recent studies show that high-quality, professional looking landscaping can add 5-10% percent to a home’s asking price. Where to start? Best to start simple. Clean up what you have. Here’s a quick guide to a fresh looking home exterior.

1. Weed, Edge and Mulch Beds. Start by weeding existing beds. Then add a three inch layer of mulch to all beds to create a colorful, fresh look. Mulch helps hold in moisture, so your plants and shrubs will than you later. Cut fresh edges where grass meets the mulch for a more professional look.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn. For lush, green grass your neighbors will envy, start regular fertilizer treatments and continue with a regular weed & feed schedule each season.  Try and popular brand like Scott’s that is easy to apply. Spend a little extra money to buy a spreader, which quickly and evenly distributes fertilizer over your lawn.

3. Trim Trees & Shrubs. Cut back dead limbs or old growth to encourage new growth. A clean, trimmed landscape looks much more appealing than out of control trees and shrubs.

4. Improve Your Entry. The first think your guest sees is the entrance to your home. If the door is made of wood and in good shape, then a new coat of paint or refinishing it may be the answer. But if you have a steel door and you notice it is dented, replace it with an inexpensive steel door, a fiberglass door or upgrade to a nice wood grain door.Installing a new doorcan give your home a secure and updated appearance.

6. Check Your Roof.  Your roof is a major part of your home’s exterior and highly visible to passer-bys.  If your roof has torn or missing shingles, it might be time to repair your roof or a have a new roof installed. Most roofs last 15-20 years. Installing a roof on your Indiana home will not only spruce up your home’s exterior, it's an important part of weatherproofing and saving energy on utilities.

Consider talking with a professional landscaper or home improvement company for more ways on updating your home’s exterior. Many of these improvements will also help increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell.

Trim A Seal is one of Northwest Indiana's largest home improvement contractors. We install energy efficient replacement windows, plus entry doors to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. We have been providing the best quality products and services for your home for over 60 years.

23 November 2013

Gary Indiana's Leading Steel and Storm Door Contractor

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Installing Top Quality Entry Doors for Over 50 Years

 Need new storm, patio, security or steel doors in preparation to keep the winter cold out or secure your home? Whatever your need, Trim A Seal of Northern Indiana has been on of the Gary areas leading door installation contractor's for over 50 years. We carry a wide selection of storm doors, sliding patio doors, entry doors and steel security doors to suit your home’s style.

entry5We install a complete line of doors by Indiana doors, Albany, Gerkin, Fox Weldoor and steel security storm doors by Home Guard. We offer hundreds of different door styles in dozens of colors. Our home remodeling experts can help you pick the right door for your home no matter what your need.

Home Guard doors feature solid construction, tempered safety glass, heavy gage metal door frames and steel hardware to prevent forced entry. A durable powder coat finish is standard on all Home Guard steel security storm doors.

We also feature Albany doors in over 200 different door styles, 25 different paint colors and 12 different stains. Two thirds of all illegal home entries are made through doors. Albany’s masonite steel edged doors have been proven to be more secure than tradition wood edged doors. Plus masonite steel doors are energy efficient and can lower your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Trim A Seal has been a leader in the home improvement industry for over five decades. We stand behind all the products we sell. Ask for a free in home estimate today at 800-217-6355. We’re Northern Indiana and Northeast Illinois’s one-stop-shop for high quality vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and more.


19 November 2013

How to Plan for a Roof Replacement Project

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Tips from our Licensed Roofing Installation Team


sand-dune-roof-colorThere are several things to consider if you’re thinking of replacing your roof. Besides budget, which is typically the number one concern, there are other things to consider like the time it will take, and the best time of year to have your home’s roof replaced. Here are some general guidelines to use when planning a roof replacement or reroofing home improvement project.

  1. How much will it cost? Budget drives most roofing decisions.  Roofing installation costs vary based on time of year you have the work done, roofing material type and other factors. The best thing to do is have your roof inspected by a licensed, experienced roofing contractor in Indiana and receive a written estimate for the work to be done. Summer and fall are typically the busiest seasons for local roofing installers, so it tends to cost more to do your roof work during these time frames.
  2. What will the weather be like and does this affect your roofing project? When you replace a roof, you invariably expose your home to the ill effects of weather at some point. Choosing a time of year when weather is ideal is difficult and it often coincides with the times of year when roof repair or replacement are also more expensive. Some people think that winter is a bad time to replace a roof. In fact, as long as temperatures stay above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and dry, it’s ideal weather conditions for putting on a new roof. So there may be some times in early spring, late fall or even winter when it is ideal to replace your roof.
  3. How long does it take to have a new roof installed? It typically takes from two to four weeks depending on what other repairs to the base roof are needed and any unforeseeable weather interruptions of course. If possible, you want to try and schedule your roof work when the weather will be mostly reliable over a period of a few weeks. The biggest concern would be rain. You don’t want water getting into your home causing damage.

Trim A Seal home improvement is a licensed roofing contractor in Northwest Indiana, offering homeowners a flexible schedule to complete roof replacements and repairs. We will provide a free roof inspection and estimate so you know in advance how much your project will cost. Our trained, certified and insured roofing installers will work with you based on your budget and best time frames to have the job completed.  Call 800-217-6355 for more information on our roofing services.




14 November 2013

Benefits of Gutter Helmet Leaf Guard Gutter Protection

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Just say NO to gutter cleaning this fall!

Tiring of cleaning clogged, dirty gutters every spring and fall? Just say NO to gutter cleaning once and for all. Once you have the patented Gutter Helmet solid gutter protection system installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again – Guaranteed. So stay off that dangerous ladder and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a Gutter Helmet system for your home. Our lifetime warranty ensures you’ll never need to worry about your gutters for the life of your home.


·    Prevents clogs that may lead to water damage to roofs, siding and fascia

·    Keeps leaves out and prevents clogged gutters; keeps gutters protected to prevent nesting insects and animals

·    Installs over existing gutter system or on fascia

·    All-weather protection keeps gutters debris free and water flowing safety away from your home

·    Patented PermaLife™ Coating resists chalking, fading and build up

·    Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Clogged gutters can cause a host of problems for the average Indiana homeowner, including water damage to your home’s interior and exterior, caused by clogged overflowing gutters. Water exposure over time can cause wood rot and damage to siding, roofing and fascia, not to mention problems with mold and mildew inside and outside your home. Overflowing gutters can also lead to landscape erosion.

Call our sister company Gutter Helmet of Indiana today for a free estimate on a complete Gutter Helmet system for your home. We will thoroughly inspect and clean your gutters beforeGutter Helmet Shake Roof Hi Res installing your long lasting gutter protection system. Our reinforced brackets actually strengthen and support your existing gutter system to help it withstand the weight of snow and ice in the winter. Just another reason why Gutter Helmet is the one and only, the permanent gutter solution.  Call 800-217-6355 or visit today for more information.

14 November 2013

Can Installing New Vinyl Siding increase the Value of My Home?

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Residing Your Home is the most Profitable Home Renovation

Installing new vinyl siding can absolutely increase your home’s value! According to, homeowners are getting a lot less bang for their remodeling bucks than they did a few years ago. From a variform-siding-logosales perspective, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely to help you sell your home, but from an investment perspective, kitchens and baths aren't necessarily the best home improvement bang for your buck.

A Harvard University study estimates that Americans spend an average of $160 billion for home remodeling projects each year. A year ago, many remodeling jobs returned 80 percent of their cost or more when the owner sold the house, but thosevariform-brandpage numbers are changing.

Some of the most profitable renovations, such as an upscale vinyl residing, actually paid off more - 103.6 percent – more than they cost. In the Middle Atlantic States, vinyl siding replacement returns 92.3 percent of its cost, well above the national average of 87.2 percent, while in the Southwest the same job returns just 80.9 percent of the cost. That makes residing your home the most profitable home renovation.

The least profitable renovation - a home office remodel, which only recoups only 63.4 percent of its cost. Trim A Seal of Indiana has been a home improvement leader and a licensed window and siding contractor in Northern Indiana since 1950. We offer Varigrain and Timber Oak Vinyl Siding by Variform in dozens of stylish colors.

Be sure to ask about our Low Price Guarantee. Call today for a free estimate on your next project 1-800-217-6355.

Window and Vinyl Siding Contractor in Huntington, South Bend, Gary, Fort Wayne, Mishawaka, Crown Point, Valparaiso, Hammond, Munster, Merrillville, Highland, Naperville, Warsaw, Portage, Griffith, St. John, Portage, Chesterton, Hobart, Schererville, East Chicago, Leroy, Huntington, La Porte, Hebron, Granger, Munster, Notre Dame, Milford areas of Northwest Indiana.

24 October 2013

Tax Credit on Sunrise Energy Efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows

Save Money with Energy Star Approved Sunrise Vinyl Windows

replacement-windowsIf you're considering replacing old drafty windows this year, it's a good time to consider vinyl replacement windows from Sunrise Windows. When you buy now through December 31, 2013, you can an added tax break if you install new window replacements that qualify under the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (which was extended to 2013). Receive 10% of the cost of installation or up to $500 in tax credits by replacing your windows with approved energy efficient windows.

All Sunrise Energy Efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows are tested and rated by the NFRC to determine their energy efficiency rating. Only the best performing windows are awarded the ENERGY STAR® approval for outstanding energy efficiency, ensuring you'll save more on your heating and cooling utility bills. Sunrise vinyl replacement windows are ENERGY STAR® approved nationwide.

Sunrise windows are better than wood or aluminum. Sunrise vinyl windows are made of solid, energy efficient PVC, with polyurethane foam-filled extrusions that provide higher R-values than other PVC windows for the most effective insulation. Only environmentally friendly polyurethane foams are used.

Get a free estimate on Sunrise Vinyl Replacement Windows and start saving money on your utility bills. Call the home improvement experts at Trim A Seal today at 800-217-6355. We offer the best customer service and fast, friendly window installation throughout Gary, Crown Point, Merrillville, Hammond, Valparaiso, Hobart, Dyer, Munster, and all of Northwest Indiana.


24 October 2013

Year Round Gutter Protection by Gutter Helmet of Indiana

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Clogged gutters can become a major problem in the fall

Before After Hi ResClogged gutters can become a major problem in the fall, especially if they're full of leaves leftover from fall. Heavy rains can build up in gutters quickly if gutters aren't clear and free flowing. Clogged gutters can standing water and overflowing gutters, which leads to or water damage to your roof, fascia and siding.

Gutter Helmet's patented rain gutter protection system can help alleviate potential gutter problems caused by fall rains. Gutter Helmet's solid gutter covers install over your existing gutter system to keep leaves and tree debris out and prevent clogged gutters. With Gutter Helmet, your gutters stay clear and free flowing for the life of your home, guaranteed. Call Gutter Helmet of Indiana today for a free no obligation estimate.

For more information about how Gutter Helmet works, visit us at or call 800-217-6355 today. For fall discounts, visit our Seal the Deal page.

18 October 2013

Alcoa Vinyl Siding – The Green Siding Alternative

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One of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding is Alcoa

One of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding is Alcoa. Vinyl siding is the home exterior treatment of choice for most homeowners. Nothing is as easy to care for as vinyl siding. It won't rot or mildew. The life of vinyl siding is twenty to twenty five years. It will never need painting during that time. Aside from a yearly cleaning with a pressure washer it's maintenance free.

alcoa home exteriorsAlcoa vinyl siding comes in an array of styles including Dutch Lap, Beaded Smooth siding,and Board & Batten. Cedarwood vinyl siding, with the look of real wood - is one of Alcoa's most popular styles. One of their most popular vinyl sidings is Cedarwood siding. A Styled Rite siding consultant can help you choose the Alcoa siding that's right for you.

Alcoa has more vinyl siding colors to choose from, more than any other brand of siding. With over 700 color options, you're sure to find one that fits your home's style and exterior decor. With Alcoa's maintenance free exterior vinyl siding, rest assured your new siding will last a lifetime.

Looking for a vinyl siding installation estimate? Call the expert vinyl siding contractors Trim A Seal in NW Indiana today at 1-800-217-6355. We'll be happy to help you choose the right windows for your home.


18 October 2013

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Leaf Guard System on Your Home

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Gutter Helmet has been installed by more than one million homeowners

charcoal gutter helmet cover


It’s fall and your home's gutters are once again quickly filling up with leaves. Many people wonder whether or not they need a Gutter Helmet leaf guard system for their home? Ask yourself these questions. Do you regularly struggle with clogged gutters and the problems they cause? Is cleaning gutters a real hassle for you? Is rain water backing up and overflowing from gutters causing walls to get wet or washing away landscape? Gutter Helmet is a solid gutter guard system that protects your gutters, keeping leaves and debris from clogging gutters. As a result, gutters won’t overflow and won’t cause expensive water damage. Instead they drain properly away from your home and prevent water damage.

Best of all, once you install Gutter Helmet, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. If you’re climbing dangerous ladders to clean gutters – you don’t have to!  Stop the damage that overflowing gutters can cause such as mold, rotting fascia boards, damage to siding and walls and landscape. It’s easy with Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet is very first solid gutter cover developed and it’s the best gutter cover system in America today.  Gutter Helmet has been installed by more than one million home owners to date. The product’s patented horizontal-rib design is engineered specifically for strength. The gutter protection system  installs over reinforced heavy gauge brackets; that support and strengthen your gutters.

Can Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards handle heavy snow and ice?

The guard's patented technology is engineered to withstand even the worst snow and ice storms. Thousands of installations in Indiana are a testament to the strength and capabilities of the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system. 

So stop worrying about whether your gutters are clean and your home is safe. Call the experts at Gutter Helmet of Indiana and install a maintenance-free gutter system on your home within days. Call now for a free, no obligation Gutter Helmet estimate today at 1-800-217-6355.


18 October 2013

What You Need to Know About Saving Energy with New Windows, Siding, Doors & More

Posted in Roofing Installer, Energy Star Energy Efficient Products, Vinyl Window Installation, Doors

Energy Efficient Home Improvements


energy star logoDue to changes in the housing market, homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes longer and invest in updates rather than upgrade to another home. Over the past year, homeowners have shifted from focusing on interior remodeling to tackling more exterior home improvements like roofing and siding replacements. Many homeowners are focused on lowering living expenses by installing more energy efficient products that help reduce heating and cooling bills.

The average family spends $1,900 a year on energy bills, nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling costs. There's ways to reduce the amount of energy used in every room in your house. Wanna find out how much energy you use? Try out this neat tool from Energy Star to measure your home's energy usage and find out how you can reduce your high energy bills. Visit:

Trim A Sea of Indiana offers energy efficient windows, doors and other products that can help you reduce your energy use at home. Browse our website for a full list of our energy efficient products and discover out how you can save energy by replacing old, outdated vinyl siding, roofing and other exterior products. Call 800-217-6355 today for a free estimate on any home repair or replacement.



24 July 2013

8 Tips for Choosing a Window Installation Contractor in Indiana

Posted in Window Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Window Installation

replacement-windowWe've all heard horror stories - some of them on the nightly news, some of them from family, friends, or neighbors - about window installers who've taken a homeowner for an expensive, heart-breaking ride. It's true. There are plenty of shady characters out there with scams and "too good to be true" deals. Not only does a conscientious homeowner want to avoid these guys, you also want to avoid doing business with the inexperienced, unorganized or lazy installer who will make your remodeling project frustrating and time-consuming.To help make sure you end up working with a contractor who is trustworthy and respectable, we've put together some questions you can ask. This quick guide will help you choose the right window installer for your Indiana home.

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  • Americana Building Products
  • CertainTeed
  • Home Guard Doors & Windows
  • Innovations for Living by Owens Corning
  • Gutter Helmet
  • Sunrise Windows
  • SunSetter Retractablw Awnings
  • Albany Doors