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18 October 2013

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Leaf Guard System on Your Home

Posted in Gutter Protection System, Gutter Leaf Guard, Gutter Helmet, Gutters

Gutter Helmet has been installed by more than one million homeowners

charcoal gutter helmet cover


It’s fall and your home's gutters are once again quickly filling up with leaves. Many people wonder whether or not they need a Gutter Helmet leaf guard system for their home? Ask yourself these questions. Do you regularly struggle with clogged gutters and the problems they cause? Is cleaning gutters a real hassle for you? Is rain water backing up and overflowing from gutters causing walls to get wet or washing away landscape? Gutter Helmet is a solid gutter guard system that protects your gutters, keeping leaves and debris from clogging gutters. As a result, gutters won’t overflow and won’t cause expensive water damage. Instead they drain properly away from your home and prevent water damage.

Best of all, once you install Gutter Helmet, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. If you’re climbing dangerous ladders to clean gutters – you don’t have to!  Stop the damage that overflowing gutters can cause such as mold, rotting fascia boards, damage to siding and walls and landscape. It’s easy with Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet is very first solid gutter cover developed and it’s the best gutter cover system in America today.  Gutter Helmet has been installed by more than one million home owners to date. The product’s patented horizontal-rib design is engineered specifically for strength. The gutter protection system  installs over reinforced heavy gauge brackets; that support and strengthen your gutters.

Can Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards handle heavy snow and ice?

The guard's patented technology is engineered to withstand even the worst snow and ice storms. Thousands of installations in Indiana are a testament to the strength and capabilities of the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system. 

So stop worrying about whether your gutters are clean and your home is safe. Call the experts at Gutter Helmet of Indiana and install a maintenance-free gutter system on your home within days. Call now for a free, no obligation Gutter Helmet estimate today at 1-800-217-6355.


18 October 2013

What You Need to Know About Saving Energy with New Windows, Siding, Doors & More

Posted in Roofing Installer, Energy Star Energy Efficient Products, Vinyl Window Installation, Doors

Energy Efficient Home Improvements


energy star logoDue to changes in the housing market, homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes longer and invest in updates rather than upgrade to another home. Over the past year, homeowners have shifted from focusing on interior remodeling to tackling more exterior home improvements like roofing and siding replacements. Many homeowners are focused on lowering living expenses by installing more energy efficient products that help reduce heating and cooling bills.

The average family spends $1,900 a year on energy bills, nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling costs. There's ways to reduce the amount of energy used in every room in your house. Wanna find out how much energy you use? Try out this neat tool from Energy Star to measure your home's energy usage and find out how you can reduce your high energy bills. Visit:

Trim A Sea of Indiana offers energy efficient windows, doors and other products that can help you reduce your energy use at home. Browse our website for a full list of our energy efficient products and discover out how you can save energy by replacing old, outdated vinyl siding, roofing and other exterior products. Call 800-217-6355 today for a free estimate on any home repair or replacement.



24 July 2013

8 Tips for Choosing a Window Installation Contractor in Indiana

Posted in Window Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Window Installation

replacement-windowWe've all heard horror stories - some of them on the nightly news, some of them from family, friends, or neighbors - about window installers who've taken a homeowner for an expensive, heart-breaking ride. It's true. There are plenty of shady characters out there with scams and "too good to be true" deals. Not only does a conscientious homeowner want to avoid these guys, you also want to avoid doing business with the inexperienced, unorganized or lazy installer who will make your remodeling project frustrating and time-consuming.To help make sure you end up working with a contractor who is trustworthy and respectable, we've put together some questions you can ask. This quick guide will help you choose the right window installer for your Indiana home.

19 July 2013

Tips For Cleaning Moldy Vinyl Siding

Posted in Vinyl Siding

If you have vinyl siding you may be dealing with mold and mildew caused by prolonged dampness. There are many solutions to cleaning mold off siding. Let’s review a few of the most common.  

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