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Helmet Heat De-icing System

26 November 2016

De-icing Heat Cable for Gutters Prevents Ice Dams

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Winter is upon us and frozen gutters are just one of winter's many hazards. Dangerous ice damns and ice-cycles can cause damage to your home's exterior and a threat to your safety. De-icing gutters is no easy task unless you have a system that works automatically when you need it. Gutter Helmet's proprietary Helmet Heat does just that. 

Helmet Heat is a heated drainage system that protects your gutter system from excessive ice build-up, ice-dams, and icicles by melting snow and ice that accumulates.

The patented system consists of 3 strips securely fastened to the top of your Gutter Helmet cover using  special brackets. Helmet Heat is proven to evenly distribute heat throughout the gutter system and eliminate any icicles or ice dams that would normally occur. Call today for more details about this revolutionary product 800-217-6355.


24 November 2015

Heated Helmet Prevents Gutters from Icing Over

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Winter Gutter Protection

The Helmet-heat de-icing gutter protection system is designed to install over your new or existing Gutter Helmet System using three heat strips fastened to your gutters. The heated cables distribute heat across the surface of the gutters to prevent ice cycles and ice dams from building up and posting a threat to your home, landscape and safety.

This innovative product was designed to prevent common damage and hazardous conditions related to ice from forming on your home, in addition to maintaining a clean and functional drainage system.

Call Trim A Seal today at 800-217-6355 for a free consultation and find out if Heated Helmet is right for your home this winter.

07 December 2013

Protecting Your Roof from Winter Weather

Posted in Helmet Heat De-icing System, Roofing Contractor, Owens Corning Blown-in Insulation, Gutter Helmet, Gutters

Get a Free Roof or Gutter Inspection Today to Prevent Damage

In the Great Lakes regions, roof damage is common during the winter months because of the sheer volume of heavy snow and ice. If your roof is in bad sHH  1 Beforehape, missing shingles, old or storm damaged, the effects can be even worse. When ice and snow remains on your roof, water damage can occur to the roof, walls and ceilings, sometimes even if your roof is in good condition. Heavy snow and ice can also damage gutter systems from the weight and tear gutters away from the roofline. There are a number of proactive measures you can take to prevent this problem.

One cause of water damage is heat that rises to the roof from the home’s interior. The heat causes snow to melt and refreeze repeatedly leading to ice dams. Ice dams form on the roof and gutters when temperatures dip below 32°.  This can result in water backing up under the roof shingles, behind fascia boards or sideways through flashing. This is when water damage can occur inside the home.  Ice in gutters can be tricky to remove without damaging gutter systems. Trying to remove frozen snow and ice from roofs can be equally as dangerous and potentially damaging.

There are a number of ways to reduce these winter risks. One is to have your roof and gutters inspected before winter weather arrives to ensure it is in good condition and can withstand snow and ice. Trim a Seal recommends that you have gutters reinforced with steel brackets to strengthen them and ensure that they can withstand the weight of snow and ice. We also offer a product called Helmet Heat, which installs over Gutter HelmetHH  2 Aftersolid gutter covers. Three heated cables are fastened to the Gutter Helmet to distribute heat which melts snow and ice. The Helmet-heat de-icing controller is designed to activate your Helmet Heat when outside temperatures reach levels that are likely to produce icicles and ice-dams.

Another great way to reduce the damaging effects of melting snow and ice on your roof is to regulate the temperature of the attic space in your home. Owen Corning blown in insulation can block the transfer of heat from your home’s living spaces to the attic and help regulate the temperature of your attic.

Trim A Seal is an authorized Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat installer, a licensed Indiana roofing contractor and a 5 Star Owen’s Corning Insulation contractor. To find out more about properly winterizing your home to prevent heat loss and damage from ice dams, give us a call 800-217-6355 or click here to request a free in home consultation.


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