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27 December 2017

Things to Consider When Replacing Vinyl Siding

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Residing is one of the many home improvements new homeowners consider when buying and renovating an older home. Replacing the vinyl siding on your home can boost energy efficiency and improve your home’s value. According to Angie’s List, siding installation can return an 80 % investment or more.

If you’re hiring a professional siding installation contractor, you can do some research ahead of time to save time and money later on. Consider the following and make a list to help keep you and the company you hire on task and on time.

Questions to Consider or Discuss with Your Siding Contractor:

  • What type or grade of siding you are interested in?
  • Do you want to mix/match colors or styles?
  • What price point or budget are you trying to stay within? Ask your contractor for recommendations that fit your budget.
  • What type of “prep” or carpentry work maybe needed in order to get the house ready for new siding
  • Are there any add ons or trim work you will need and what is the cost of that?

If you gather this information ahead of time and take care to discuss it with whoever you are getting a vinyl siding quote from, the process will go much smoother and hopefully you’ll be able to stay on budget.

The average homeowner with a 2,000 sq. ft. home can expect to pay roughly $13,000 to purchase and install new vinyl siding.

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