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Helmet Heat Gutter System Melts Snow and Ice

The Helmet Heat heated gutter system is a heated drainage system that protects your residential or commercial property from excessive ice build-up, ice-dams, and icicles by melting snow and ice that builds up on gutters.

This innovative product was designed to prevent common damage and hazardous conditions related to ice from forming on your home, in addition to maintaining a clean and functional drainage system.

The Helmet-Heat system consists of 3 heat cables securely fastened to the gutter and Gutter Helmet using the patented Gutter Helmet brackets. This method is proven to evenly distribute heat throughout the gutter system and eliminate any icicles or ice dams that would normally occur. Cable can even be installed into valleys to reduce normal wear and tear on your home and excessive ice build-up. The system will eliminate ice 8-10” inches from the nose of the Gutter Helmet, ensuring that your entire home drainage system will be ice-free. Helmet Heat can be installed onto an existing Gutter Helmet system or on an entirely unprotected home. This heated gutter system is installed by your local certified Gutter Helmet of Indiana installer.

Helmet Heat Ice Removal Sensor Controller

The Helmet-heat de-icing controller is designed to activate your Helmet Heat when outside temperatures reach levels that are likely to produce icicles and ice-dams. This controller gives you peace of mind that the system is operating when it needs to and avoids any excessive use of energy. This device will also amplify energy output as temperature falls or reduce output as temperature rises. A visual light notification will even illustrate that the Helmet-Heat system has begun heating and is preparing your home before for any ice problems can occur.

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