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23 June 2014

Do I Need to Replace My Old Vinyl Siding?

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Knowing when to Repair or Replace a Home's Siding


Homeowners who have old siding or have experienced substantial wind or storm damage are often left with the question – “is it better to replace my siding or repair it?” Depending on many factors, including your budget and how long you plan to stay in your home, there are a few key things to consider when replacing siding. Let’s first decide if your home needs new siding. The first thing to look for is fungus, warped panels or panels tearing away from the home, separating seams, swelling, boards that no longer lay flat, rottenalcoa-vinyl-siding- wood or moisture on the inside of your house. These can all be tell-tale signs that siding might need to be replaced. 
Dry rot is a huge concern, especially when wood siding is involved. In some cases there maybe visible signs of moisture on the home’s exterior. It’s difficult to tell if your home has dry rot without removing the siding to inspect for damage. 
If you need to replace old siding, energy efficient vinyl siding is a great solution for any home. Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, energy efficient and long lasting. Look for a durable siding with a great warranty. 
Want to have your home’s siding evaluated? Call one of Northwest Indiana's best siding contractors. Trim A Seal is a 5 Star Vinyl Siding Contractor. We offer fast, affordable and top quality siding installation. Call 800-217-6355 or visit


23 May 2014

Choosing the Best Exterior Door for Your Home

Posted in Door Installation Contractor Indiana, Security Doors, Steel Doors, Entry Doors

Tips for selecting a new entry, security or storm door

Perhaps the most important component to the appearance of your home are your exterior entry doors. It provides access to the home, therefore visitors and ourselves interact with them on a regular basis. While the process of choosing a new entry, security, or storm door may seem simple... the selection process can prove to be a more complex decision than most would assume. Most people strictly look for the door that they think will give their home a nice look, but there are many more factors to consider when searching for a new door.
entry1Generally, the first question is what kind of door do I want? To figure out what the answer to this question is, we must first ask… What is the main purpose of the door? An entry door can fall under many categories, such as security, aesthetics, or even convenience.
When we think about choosing an entry door, we typically want something that will add character and value to our home, while also allowing us to feel safe from intruders and environmental factors. The best types of doors to satisfy these concerns are made of wood or steel. Both options provide adequate security, as well as provide an opportunity to customize the product to your preference. While steel doors are usually inexpensive and require less maintenance, wood doors add value and a very unique style to your home. Based on which aspects are more important to you, the choice between a steel entry door or a wooden entry door can be found with relative ease.
When choosing a storm door, the main purpose tends to be functional. Storm doors are meant provide insulation to the home, saving energy and even protecting entry-doors from getting damaged. They tend to be a very worthwhile investment when considering the benefits, and the repercussions of not having one. In addition to providing protection, a storm door can also add a nice touch to a home, increasing value and appearance. The best storm doors are often made of steel and glass, but are also available in wood and screen material.
Call the home improvement experts at Trim A Seal today at 800-217-6355 . Trim A Seal has been a leader in the home improvement industry for more than fifty-years. We’re Northern Indiana and South Chicago’s leading window and door contractor.

23 May 2014

Is there a Benefit to Installing a White Roof on My Home?

Posted in Roofing Contractor, Roofing Installer

The Right Roof Can Slash Your Summer Energy Costs

Some studies suggest that installing a white roof reduces air-conditioning costs by 20 percent or more in hot, sunny weather. Could this be true? Well, the idea behind the white roof is just plain old common sense.  Darker colors absorb the sun’s energy more intensely than lighter colors like white, which is more reflective. It’s no surprise than that white roofs can bring many energy savings. 

Lower energy consumption can also result in fewer of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. In addition, a white roof can cost as little as 15 percent more than its dark counterpart, depending on the type and quality of the roof shinges, while slashing electricity bills. Sounds like a win, win for everyone.

Some research suggests that white roofs can cost more than other roofs. The costs are not that high in fact. You will have to pay 15% more than with the usual roof but can reap the rewards for years and years. The advantages that come from having a white roof installed, far outweigh the upfront price difference:

Need an estimate on a new roof or a roof repair in the Gary, Merrillville or Crown Point, Indiana? Trim-A-Seal is a residential roofing contractor specializing in roof replacement and roof repair. Call us today. We provide, free no cost estimates on all home improvement projects. Just call to schedule an appointment 800-217-6355 today.

07 April 2014

America's Favorite Gutter Leaf Guard for Over 30 years

Posted in Gutter Protection System, Gutter Leaf Guard, Gutter Helmet

Durable Long Lasting Gutter Protection

Gutter Helmet Shake Roof Hi ResGutter Helmet gutter leaf guards are the #1 gutter protection system installed in America today and the only multipatented solid gutter cover with over 30 years in production. Over one million homeowners can testify to Gutter helmet’s long lasting, durable gutter protection.

Not sure if you need Gutter Helmet’s multi-patented gutter protection? Gutters that don’t drain properly can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home and landscape. It’s easy to see why so many homes have chosen proprietary gutter lead guard system.

Gutter Helmet Benefits:

$1·         Keeps leaves, pine needles, and tree debris out of gutters

$1·         Keeps homeowners off dangerously high ladders

$1·         Channels water away from your home to prevent damage to roofs, walls, siding and landscape

$1·         Prevents mold and mildew caused by overflowing gutters

If you are a homeowner living in Northern Indiana or Northeast Illinois, contact Trim A Seal, your local Gutter Helmet of Indiana representative today for a free, no obligation estimate. Visit for more product information.

07 April 2014

Classic Styling with Varigrain and Timber Oak Vinyl Siding by Variform

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Wood Stained Siding Finishes

vinyl-siding-contractor2Trim A Seal of Indiana installs a beautiful assortment of durable and attractive Varigrain Preferred and Timer Oak siding vinyl siding by Variform. Timber Oak siding delivers a legendary look and high quality, long lasting performance.  Its beautiful wood stained finish gives this low-maintenance premium siding out performs standard wood siding.

For a classic look, consider Varigrain Preferred vinyl siding with a smooth flawless looking finish available in a stylish selection of traditional and modern colors to fit every style. Choose from soothing shades like Savannah Blue, Georgian Gray, Silver Mist, Autumn Beige, Classic Cream and others. Whether you select Timber Oak or Varigrain Preferred, all Variform vinyl siding is durable and built to last. Varigrain will never rust, blister, scratch or peel. Compared to other types of siding, vinyl is more resistant to water damage, salt, termites, and other pests.  Variform low maintenance vinyl siding will protect your home season after season and look beautiful for years to come.

To view siding samples, visit our showroom at 7886 Broadway St., Merrillville, IN 46410 or call to have one of our home remodel and design experts come to your home for a free in home estimate 800-217-6355. Trim A Seal is a 5 Star vinyl siding contractor serving Northwest Indiana.

06 March 2014

How to Hire a Local Window Contractor

Posted in Replacement windows, Window Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Window Installation

Window Company Serving Gary, Crown Point, Lansing, Merrillville and Beyond.

Shopping for new windows for your home? Whether you’re replacing your existing

Garden-Window-Exterior-View windows, adding a garden window to your kitchen or adding an addition, installing windows is a major home improvement project. As such it requires that you hire a professional with the proper licenses and experience to get the job done right. A good place to start when determining which contractors to consider is by asking friends and family for referrals or checking with your local Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List. Here you will find all the information you need about the business and read past customer reviews.

When you are ready to review window companies, use the questions below to guide you through the process of hiring a local Gary window contractor. This will help ensure you hire a qualified, experienced professional to install your home’s new windows.

·         Look for a dealer who has a fully-staffed office and a professional showroom.

·         Has the dealer been in business for 5 years or more?

·         Are they a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

·         Do they have a list of customer references?

·         Is the contractor licensed and insured?

·         Ask to view before and after pictures of jobs they’ve completed.

·         Contact the manufacturer of the window brand you are considering. Is the company you are considering an authorized window dealer?

·         Ask about product and service guarantees or warranties.

Trim-A-Seal is a licensed, insured window contractor who’s been installing new and replacement windows throughout Northwest Indiana since 1950. We carry hundreds of vinyl, wood and custom window colors and styles, from top name brands like Sunrise, Armaclad, HomeGuard and more. Call today for a free estimate 800-217-6355.


11 February 2014

Gutter Helmet Guarantee: Never Clean Your Gutters Again.

Posted in Gutter Guards, Gutter Protection System, Gutter Helmet

Triple Lifetime Warranty

Gutter Helmet Hi ResSpring is just around the corner, and yes it’s that time of year again when your gutters need to be maintained. If you’re tired of cleaning your gutters, give us a call – we can help.

Trim A Seal of Indiana installs America’s #1 gutter protection system - Gutter Helmet. Simply put, it’s the best gutter guard available on the market today and the only multi-patented solid system with a Triple Lifetime Warranty. The leader in aluminum gutter covers has been installed by more homeowners than any other gutter protection system. Once you install our patented system, you’ll “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” – that’s the Gutter Helmet promise.

Have your gutter cleaned for the last time. Every Gutter Helmet installation comes with a free gutter cleaning – the last one you’ll ever need. Northern Indiana homeowners can protect their gutters from leaves and debris and prevent clogging now, PLUS save 15% for a limited time. Call Trim A Seal today for a free in home estimate at 800-217-6355. You’ll be glad you did!


11 February 2014

Is Replacing Your Home's Old Windows a Good Idea?

Posted in Energy Efficient Windows, Sunrise Vinyl Windows, Replacement windows, Window Contractor Indiana

New Windows are the Second Best Remodeling Investment


Cleaning-Double-HungAs the winter rages on the weather seems to get colder and colder, you might be asking yourself this one simple question, “Is replacing my windows a good idea?” Drafty windows can certainly be cause for concern. But window replacements are one of the best investments you can make in your home. Vinyl window replacement earns back 73% of it $14,284 average cost making it the second best remodeling investment a homeowner can make. 

As for saving money on heating and utility bills, dramatic upgrades, such as going from a single-pane glass window to a double-pane gas-filled window can cut energy costs by up to $465 dollars per year. Often times, other factors come into play, such as how many windows you have to replace and how long you plan to stay in the home. Sometimes, older windows can be repaired to avoid replacement.

If a licensed window contractor determines that you need new replacement windows (let’s say because you have wood windows that deteriorated beyond repair), you may want to consider replacing your windows with an energy-efficient window brand like Sunrise.  Sunrise windows feature a triple weather-strip barrier that provides 50% more protection against winter’s worst weather, plus they feature fusion-welded frames and sashes that last longer and perform better. Sunrise Windows come with a lifetime, non-prorated warranty.  Call our office for a free evaluation of your home’s windows.

Proper installation is the key to having efficient windows. Call the window installation experts in Merrillville today. Our licensed, insured and trained installers have been serving the Northwest Indiana area for over 50 years. Call today for a free estimate 800-217-6355.


11 February 2014

Installing New Vinyl Siding Can Help You Sell Your Home

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

The Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Solution


Certainteed-Monogram-Horizontal-SidingIf you’re thinking of putting our home on the market and your exterior is in poor condition, you may want to consider installing new Vinyl Siding. Prospective buyers look at homes and assess the work needed to update it. If your home needs many repairs, you’re likely to get a substantially lower offer.  Another benefit of new siding, whether you’re selling or not, is that it adds to the value of your home.

Certainteed vinyl siding is one of the more popular products preferred by Trim-A-Seal of Indiana customers. Certainteed Vinyl siding is comprised of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), very similar to the material used in vinyl windows. The big advantage of installing vinyl siding is that it needs very little maintenance.

Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding is dyed or colored during manufacturing, so it doesn’t require painting. The entire vinyl sheet of siding is the same color throughout, so you can’t scratch off the color like you can with steel or aluminum siding.

Vinyl siding comes in horizontal panels made to look like wood lap siding. The installation process is fairly simple and more cost effective than many other siding options. For a free, in home estimate and consultation – contact Trim-A-Seal of Indiana today. Family owned and operated, Trim A Seal in Merrillville is a 5 star vinyl siding installation contractor serving all of Northwest Indiana Call us today for a free in home estimate 800-217-6355.


11 February 2014

Top 3 Reasons to Replace Old Windows

Posted in Replacement windows, Window Contractor Indiana

New Replacement Windows Can Lower Utility Bills

double-hung-replacement-windowsAre you having trouble keeping the temperature regulated in your home with northern Indiana's crazy weather? New replacement windows from Trim A Seal can help maintain a constant temperature in your home by keeping what you want inside and everything else out. In order for windows to operate effectively you must have them well sealed with double or triple paned glass. Not only will you save on utility bills, you'll also improve your home's value and enhance curb appeal. We created a list of the top 3 reasons to replace your windows in 2014. Check them out below:
1. Save money on energy bills. By using quality windows you can ensure that your home uses less energy while keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. After having new windows installed, most customers experience a decrease in their monthly utility bills. When you add it up, the windows practically pay for themselves.
2. Old windows tend to be hazardous. Older windows could contain lead which is very dangerous to your health. Not only can you save money, you may be saving a life.
3. Older windows are typically single paned, which are not as beneficial as double and triple pane. Multi-paned windows keep moisture and heat out. They help filter out noise using air or non toxic gases which improves the window's insulating properties.
As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to replace your windows. Call the leading window installation company in Northwest Indiana today for a free consultation 1.800.217.6355. We look forward to hearing from you.

27 January 2014

5 Home Improvement Tips that Pay You Back

Posted in Energy Efficient Windows, Replacement windows, Entry Doors, Vinyl Siding

Boost Your Home's Value


Norandex-brandWinter will be over soon and as soon it is, homeowners start thinking about that next big home improvement project. We realized that choosing the best way to invest in our homes can be challenge. You want to get the most bang for your buck, and be able to enjoy the improvements, while gaining value in your home. A few things to consider when pondering what project to take on…what project is most needed due to pending problems, what will add the most curb appeal, what will bring you the most comfort or improvement in lifestyle and what will add the most value to your home?  

Below are a handful of home improvements that will satisfy all of your needs, while giving your home a sharp look that will impress the neighbors.

1)      Replace That Old Siding

Replacing your siding is one of the most cost-effective ways you can increase the value of your home. Not only will installing the right siding ensure the protection of your home, but it will also give your house a fresh look that is sure to catch some eyes. Your siding is the first thing people see when they look at your home, and it can make or break a sale. Vinyl siding is one of the best ways to approach this project. By using vinyl, you can save money on installation and the trouble of painting your house.  Choosing this project can get you up to an 80% return on your investment

2)      Install a New Front Door

Although we walk through it virtually every time we enter or leave our home, people sometimes forget how significant a front door can be to the image of their home. The golden rule of choosing a new entry door is to make sure it matches the style of your home. Be sure not to pick something to flashy, and if you do… make sure it looks good to other people as well. This will ensure that when the time comes to sell your home, you can get up to a 104% return.

3)      Improve Your Landscaping

Landscaping your home task can prove to be a daunting and time-expensive task, so it is important to make sure that you know what you are doing. It is hard to visualize a house with new landscaping, so be sure to get many second opinions on your plans. High-quality landscaping will capture a lot of attention, and can drastically improve the beauty and elegance of your home. With a descent amount of landscaping work, you can increase the value of your home by 14%.

4)      Remodel the Kitchen

Don’t be intimidated, remodeling your kitchen can prove to be well worth the time and money if planned and executed properly. One of the main points of interest when searching for a new home is whether or not the kitchen meets a potential buyer’s desires. Choosing one improvement such as installing new flooring, a new counter top, or even re-facing the cabinets can significantly change the appearance of your kitchen and increase the value of your home. You can get up to 74% of your money back by undergoing this project.

5)      Install Energy-Efficient Windows

If you are planning on living in your home for a long time, installing energy-efficient windows can be the perfect solution. This long-term investment will not only boost the value of your home, but it will save you up to 30% on your energy bills and get you a tax credit for energy efficiency. After a while, this investment begins to pay for itself in addition to increasing your home value.

If you live in Northern Indiana or South Chicago and are looking for replacement windows, vinyl siding, gutter protection or new entry doors, please call Trim A Seal of Indiana today at 800-217-6355 for a FREE Consultation. Don’t forget to ask about our Low Price Guarantee.




24 January 2014

Cost and Benefits of Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Posted in Seamless Gutters, Gutters

Aluminum Gutters Can Last up to 25 years when Properly Maintained


gutter installationSeamless aluminium gutters are the most widely installed gutter systems on home’s across America.  The low cost of aluminum makes them a better buy compared to other metal or copper gutters. There are many benefits to installing aluminum gutters. In addition to the low cost, aluminum also resists rust and can last up to 25 years when properly installed and maintained.  Seamless aluminum gutters come in a wide varity of colors too so it’s easy to match them to any home or roof.

One down side of aluminum is its strength. When compared to steel or copper gutters, aluminum gutters are not able to withstand extreme weather conditions or heavy weight. So, when purchasing seamless aluminum gutters, it is important you choose gutters made of primary aluminum, not secondary, which is made of scrap aluminum.

At Trim A Seal, we install high quality aluminum seamless gutters. They don’t differ much in cost from traditional gutters but seamless gutters do offer greater protection against leaks and breakage from storms and high winds. 

Seamless gutter installation require trained seamless gutter installers. All of our installers are trained. Plus we use our own state of the art gutter cutting machine to digitally measure our seamless gutters to the 1/16th of an inch.

Our precision cut gutters are available in half-round or k-style 5” inch and 6” inch seamless aluminum or copper with options of 2” x 3” or 4” x 3” inch downspouts.

Like any other work, gutter installation costs vary from company to company. Trim A Seal offers free estimates on all gutter replacement and installation. Please call us to schedule an appointment today 800-217-6355 and ask about our Low Price Guarantee.


24 January 2014

Roof Replacement or Repair? Which is Better in the Long-run?

Posted in Roofing Contractor Gary Indiana, Roofing Repair , Roofing Installer

Free Roofing Inspection by Licensed Contractor

owens-corning-roofInstalling new roofing is expensive. So, the decision to replace roofing usually happens over time. Homeowners typically wait until they are experiencing leaks or storm damage before making the decision to reroof or have a new roof installed. Sometimes it’s better to repair a damaged roof and other times, replacing the roof is advised.  Here are some tips to help you decide when to replace your home’s roof.

Roof shingles wear out and need replacing about every 20 years.

• High energy bills and draft indoors hint at insulation problems. Homes built 20 years ago are underinsulated by today’s standards. Chances are replacing your roof can lower energy bill and improve your home’s insulation.

• Ice dams cause millions of dollars of structural damage every year. If your roof has ice damage, have the roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor to determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

• Your roof has experienced storm damage from high winds. Missing and torn off shingles make a home susceptible to rot and water damage. Have your roof inspected if you experience roof damage due to high winds.

Trim A Seal of Indiana is a licensed and insured residential roofing contractor in Gary, specializing in roof replacement and roof repair throughout Northern Indiana and NE Illinois. We work carefully with homeowners to identify problems and replace or repair your existing roof quickly to avoid damage to your home’s interior. We also provide emergency roofing services in the event of storm damage. Call today for a free, no hassle estimate on your next roofing project. Our roofing professionals have been serving the area for over 50 years. 

Call today for a free assessment of your roofing needs at 800-217-6355.

22 January 2014

Can a Steel Security Door Protect Your Home from Theft?

Posted in Door Installation Contractor Indiana, Security Doors, Steel Doors, Entry Doors, Doors

Albany, Armaclad and Home Guard® Security Doors Offer Peace of Mind


security3According to the FBI – a home is invasion occurs every 14 seconds in America. How does a burglar get in? They break down your front or back door and two o’clock in the afternoon is the most common break-in time.
Is your home safe? To find out, simply open your front door and look at the dead bolt plate. You’ll probably discover there’s just one inch of soft wood protecting your home from forced entry. This isn’t enough to prevent a thief from kicking in your door.
How can you make your doorway more secure? A good quality security door is your first line of defense against a home invasion. Protect your home and property from damage and theft with steel security doors from Trim A Seal. We install a full line of steel security, storm and entry doors by HomeGuard that deliver safety, quality and peace of mind. Plus our attractive security entry doors give your home an attractive, beautiful look. All Home Guard steel entry doors come with Lifetime and Beyond Limited Warranty. The exclusive transferable warranty gives peace-of-mind protection against warping, delamination and twisting of the door slab for as long as you own the door and beyond.
Contact one of our Trim A Seal entry door installation professionals for a free in home consultation or for more information call 800-217-6355. We carry a wide variety of steel security, sliding doors, entry and storm doors by Albany Door, Armaclad and Home Guard® and more – many in stock and ready for fast delivery!
Trim A Seal is a licensed door installer in Porter and Lake County Indiana and Will and Southern Cook County Illinois including: Merrillville, Gary, Crown Point, Hammond, Valparaiso, Munster, Highland, Griffith, St. John, Portage, Chesterton, Hobart, Schererville, Oak Forest, Tinley Park, South and East Chicago.


27 December 2013

Can New Vinyl Siding Make my Home More Energy Efficient?

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Reduce Heat Loss by up to 30%

variform-brandpageFirst of all, any new siding or re-siding project will improve a home’s appearance and provide greater protection from heat and cold. Re-siding should also improve a home’s energy performance. Many old homes don’t have any insulation in the wall cavities so installing new vinyl siding often means your home’s energy performance is improved.

When considering what type of siding to purchase, choosing an insulated siding will reduce your energy loss and save you money. Insulated Siding is the most energy efficient siding on the market. With an R-value range from 2.2 to 5.1, it can drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs year-round. That’s just the beginning. Studies show that siding projects have one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project, adding on average between 80% and 110% of the cost of the project to the value of your home.

Trim A Seal installs vinyl siding in a variety of brands, styles and colors making it a practical and money saving choice for any home. Vinyl siding not only reduces your energy cost, insulates your home and adds value to your property, but it’s also virtually maintenance free. We carry a wide selection of Varigrain and Timberoak vinyl siding by Variform, one of the top rated brands of siding. Call today for a free estimate on new siding installation and start improving the value and efficiency of your home today. Trim A Seal is a 5 Star Vinyl Siding installation contractor throughout Northwest Indiana.

For more information visit or call 800-217-6355.

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